A sustainable company: Biolab cuts CO2 emissions

In: Environment | Date: 16 December 2015

Biolab will cut over 38,000 kg carbon dioxide every year thanks to the new water heating system installed in the company’s second plant.

On the roof of the so-called “Biolab 2”, the building that has been operational since September 2014 and is located less than 200m from the head office, 80 solar collectors are now installed to heat the water used in the production process. The solar panels cover a surface of 167.2 square meters.

The water heated by the sun is utilized as an alternative source to the water heated by the natural gas network boiler.

The new system feeds solar power from the collectors to the water flowing through the pipes to the two tanks with a total capacity of 6,000 liters. The heater water is then pumped into the boiler which is being used in various steps of the production.

The new system is benefiting the environment with a significant reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and grants significant savings for the company.