The quality of our organic products

Eating well is a guarantee,
thanks to carefully chosen ingredients and a well-established sales network.

Always aiming for the top. Our business philosophy requires us to take care of every detail and keep the customer in the center of our attention: the road to quality is long and complex, as we want to consistently ensure maximum quality, nutritional and sensory value.

We start with the ingredients. Our path starts with inspected and certified ingredients, predominantly farmed in Italy—a guarantee of genuineness and authentic culinary tradition.
Our organic yellow soy is farmed entirely in Italy and strictly GMO-free. The production chain originates for the most part from long-lasting and direct relationships with Friuli Venezia Giulia farmers. Our aim is to progressively increase the percentage of soy farmed as close as possible to our company.

Step two: quality control. Once the raw materials—already inspected by ministerial control bodies and certified—arrive at our plant, they have to undergo an “entry test” by Biolab’s Quality Management. This way, traceability is ensured and thus the highest guarantee on the origin of the products.

“We believe in a company that puts the territory and its people at the center of its business”.

Production begins. Biolab’s recipes come to life, thanks to the work of highly skilled craftsmen. Very thorough inspections are carried out before production (validated cycle, regular tests and analyses) and during production (weight control, pasteurization cycles). Extra special attention is dedicated to ensuring continuity, also during transportation, to the cold chain that must be maintained from production until sales, in order to preserve the organoleptic properties of the food.

Ready to go: packaging. We do not stint on labels: they’re easy to understand, complete and functional, and fully compliant with the requirements of law. This way our customers have access to all the useful information on the purchased product itself.

“Our choice is to combine certified quality ingredients with tasty recipes. The foods we make are a perfect alternative that everyone can enjoy every day”.

Good for you, good for the environment too. Our love for nature isn’t limited to our choice of genuine ingredients: we also have a sustainable approach to packaging and transportation, with minimal use of cardboard and full load transports only. Moreover, we are constantly working on new projects of energy recovery and treatment of differentiated waste in each phase of the production cycle.

Food is on the table! Did you enjoy your meal? Just like it happens in every family, we at Biolab too would like to know if our customers like the food we serve them. One of our most important duties is constantly listening to our customers’ suggestions that our R&D department later employs in new experimental recipes to create a product that will meet the market’s real needs. Dynamism and flexibility are fundamental for us to be able to develop a product range as broad as possible and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Biolab products are all strictly organic and certified to European organic standards, hold an Icea (Institute for ethical and environmental certification) certification for vegetarian and vegan products, the Vegan Society trademark as well as the AB (Agriculture Biologique) certification issued by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fishery and Rural Development.
Biolab is now BRC certified (Grade AA) as well as IFS certified (higher level).