Protecting the environment while valuing our customers

For 25 years we have been developing an ethical approach based on safeguarding the environment while also keeping the consumer in the center of our attention: this is what we call our “responsibility chain”.

Biolab means quality. Ideas, collaboration, trust, growth, coherence and innovation have remained our values over the years and will continue to be for our future.

The company was founded in 1991 by Massimo Santinelli with the aim to promote consumption of vegetable-based foods made with ingredients from organic and certified farming.

“Combining respect for the environment with the highest guarantees in terms of quality, nutritional and sensory value of the products”.

Biolab takes the ethical path by safeguarding the environment and using as many “zero food miles” ingredients as possible for its products. After 25 years to this day of the company’s founding, we focus on supporting projects that can add value to the surrounding territory.
Biolab has established itself as one of the most important specialized manufacturers of fresh organic vegetarian and vegan food products. Our customers can count on the highest quality in terms of nutritional value and, naturally, on delicious, well-balanced food.