Our seitan butchers

Two of our most active employees come from the meat industry, so much so that they are nicknamed ‘seitan butchers’.

They used to work in plants where up to 500 animals were slaughtered every day. An occupation that was not only physically hard, but also emotionally and psychologically taxing.

Several studies have analyzed the psychological repercussions of this type of work. Research by the School of Psychology at the University of Kent has shown that there is a connection between mental disorders such as anxiety and depression and working in slaughterhouses.

Today, our ‘seitan butchers’ are part of the Biolab family and put their expertise and mastery in the use of machinery at the service of an alternative ethical choice.

They themselves are the first to be happy about this change, proving that limiting the consumption of animal protein generates positive outcomes not only for the buyer but also for the producer.

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